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I believe therapy can be a powerful tool to help make a person feel better.  People come to therapy with questions from their past, or symptoms that cause distress or simply because they are in pain.  The goal of therapy is to provide you relief from those things that are troubling you through a process or examination, self-exploration, challenging old patterns, or simply through the very important process of having a place to elaborate on those things that we don’t allow ourselves to say.  The goal of therapy is long-lasting change. 


Therapy is about the process of understanding what troubles you now.  This can be achieved in many ways.  The most important is through both of us creating a safe and respectful space to explore problems.  This may be through me gently asking questions or guiding you towards understanding how patterns in your life may not be working.  Often these patterns are rooted in past relationships.  Sometimes therapy uses the past to explore how these patterns came about.  By examining the pains of the past or simply the expectations or assumptions that are no longer useful, some of these old habits can begin to melt away.


I will work with you to go at a pace that is both gentle but provides enough of a challenge to help effect change.  Therapy has many benefits.  It can help friendships, partnerships, or relationships with parents.  It can help alleviate the pain of anxiety, depression, negative self-image, or poor self-esteem.  Therapy can provide a place to help discover parts of yourself that you didn’t believe in before, or that you were told were beyond your reach.  When you allow yourself to peel away the propaganda that we tell ourselves or that others have told us for years, we can finally discover who we are at the core.  This often unlocks greater self-acceptance and a connection with our own passion and desire.  It would be my honor to together navigate this process. 


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